Basic Socks on a tiny circular needle: A sock miracle!

***New**** I’ve created a gorgeous printable PDF of these instructions along with an original design for Canadian Juliet socks!  Here is the link to find it:  Stranded patterns available too! Here is the link to find them: Size: … Continue reading

Socks should be knit in circles!


I wrote my first posts about how I learned to knit socks on straight needles. After two pairs, I really wanted to do them in the round, but was still finding knitting with 5 double points to be frustrating. I was not any more jazzed about magic loop or two circulars though, so I was pretty much resigned to not continuing doing socks.

It all changed when I stumbled upon this little beauty:
The Addi Turbo 12 inch. Look how it’s constructed to work for knitting socks in the round.  Angled needles on a 4 inch flexible cord. You won’t find this in any interchangeable sets that I know of. You have to buy the needle separately.  Not going to lie, it’s pricey at about $20.00. I have it in US 1, which works perfectly for standard sock yarn.  I also have one in US 6.
I was not been able to locate instructions on line anywhere on how to make my socks using this, but with my knowledge I gleaned from constructing socks on straights, I worked it out. I am going to share those instructions in a separate post.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making socks with this needle!!!

Instructions coming up!

Hand knit socks


I became smitten with knitting about a year ago.  At first I walked right on past the samples of socks in the yarn shops. I was intent on knitting dresses and sweaters. Making socks made no sense to me, why on earth would I knit on tiny needles to come up with an item one can buy manufactured for $2.99?

I carried on my merry sock snubbing way until IT happened. I stumbled upon a pair of hand knit socks in a hospital gift shop in Clarenville,  Newfoundland. I put them on that evening under the influence of a glass of red… And WHAM… Smitten.  You can feel every lovely stitch caressing your feet and ankles and toes. It’s pure magic!

There is a lot about socks for me wax on about, and I’m going to.  Over the next few posts I intend to walk you through how I navigated the confusing waters of sock knitting and am now happily knitting my 6th pair.  The yarn, the books, and most importantly, the needles. The ones above are my latest, and God forbid you say those are Christmas socks, they are watermelon.

I leave you now with a photo of the Clarenville socks that captured my heart and left me smitten, a bargain for $6.00. Incidentally, there is no way in heaven I would ever sell a pair of hand knit socks for $6.00. If you are interested in a $200.00 pair, feel free to contact me.  ‘Cause, man, these take at least 15 hours a sock.