Socks should be knit in circles!


I wrote my first posts about how I learned to knit socks on straight needles. After two pairs, I really wanted to do them in the round, but was still finding knitting with 5 double points to be frustrating. I was not any more jazzed about magic loop or two circulars though, so I was pretty much resigned to not continuing doing socks.

It all changed when I stumbled upon this little beauty:
The Addi Turbo 12 inch. Look how it’s constructed to work for knitting socks in the round.  Angled needles on a 4 inch flexible cord. You won’t find this in any interchangeable sets that I know of. You have to buy the needle separately.  Not going to lie, it’s pricey at about $20.00. I have it in US 1, which works perfectly for standard sock yarn.  I also have one in US 6.
I was not been able to locate instructions on line anywhere on how to make my socks using this, but with my knowledge I gleaned from constructing socks on straights, I worked it out. I am going to share those instructions in a separate post.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making socks with this needle!!!

Instructions coming up!


4 thoughts on “Socks should be knit in circles!

  1. Socks – need to add that to my list (although I reckon all the ones I’d like to make I’d never wear, being a black and greys sort of woman). I also fear I might learn a lot of new swear words whilst working on them… which could be useful on other things in life 🙂

    Thanks for the follow, I am going to follow you back (and complain all the time how your socks are lovely and how mine – the ones I’ve never made yet – are so inferior) 😀

    • I totally know what you mean about the colours. I am intrigued and drawn to the fancy yarns in the stores, I love them on my needles, but I too love muted colours. Right now I have the most gorgeous socks on my needles, they are a soft brown. I’m totally smitten with them, and will no doubt froth on about their virtues soon as I finish the pair. Thanks for following back!

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