I swoon for lace knitting


Lace is the valentine of knitting. Soft, feminine and romantic, it enchanted me early in my knitting journey and I swooned and acquiesced to it’s allure.

It’s so much more interesting than simple knits and purls, yet of course, it IS merely knits and purls with mathematical yarn overs and knit togethers precisely lined up to create beautiful patterns that the knitter can’t help but hold up to light and beg all onlookers to observe the pattern unfolding. Look honey… Just LOOK at it! And so it will go every half hour.

My first introduction to lace work was this gorgeous dress designed by Lauren Reiker, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/putting-on-the-glitz-lace-hem-evening-dress


It just had a small bit of lace work at the hem and waistband, but that was enough to activate my smitten mode. I wear this as a bikini cover-up, it rolls up small to fit nicely into a beach bag.


I then tackled this cute top I found in the book titled “Knitting Lingerie Style”. Done in cream cotton, this little top is one of the most wearable things I have ever made, and one of the quickest knits. Did I mention how you get to use your pretty markers?



Having a penchant for cream, I’ve also made this angora scarf, which again is one of my favourites. I would recommend this as a first lace project. The pattern is free on Ravelry.



Currently on my new Addi lace turbos, is the beginnings of Gudrun Johnston’s “Aestlight Scarf”. With this project, I believe I have graduated to real lace knitting. It is a traditional Shetland construction and is available on Ravelry. The yarn shown here is Misti Alpaca, Handpaint lace. Look how pretty! And stitch markers as a bonus!


Once I finish this, my next lace work will be a traditional Icelandic shawl made from Icelandic wool I brought back from my last trip there.

I swoon for the lace knitting.


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