My Muse


I’ve written about a couple of knitting areas that have captured my rapt attention, but I have not yet addressed what got me so jazzed about knitting in the first place.
Now is a good time to clarify that I am a new knitter. This is a bug that bit me just one year ago. I did knit in the past, I knew how to do the the basics, but honestly, I had to “You Tube” the purl stitch in January 2013.  (Thank-you Knit Witch).
I am a mere kitten in this world of yarn; rapt, eager and full of awe and wonder.
Enter Stephanie Dosen of
My daughter showed me her blog about a year ago. I was learning basic knitting as was she. The thing she showed me first was The Beekeeper’s Quilt vlog post. Frankly, I thought this girl was insane. INSTANT ADORATION. She is simply adorable and had come up with a project for the truly insane.  Here was a project I could wrap my soul into. I travel a great deal, all over the world. This was portable, and had the miracle of a shopping component. I could buy single skeins of yarn around the world, knit them up, and forever be reminded of my travels. And I did just that. Here is my suitcase from a trip to Japan and Singapore.
Like so many of you before me, I puffed and puffed for months.  I have completed about 200, but must admit I’m stalled. I will return to that project, and I will take my Beekeeper’s quilt with me to my old age home (I’m 50 by the way, despite my kitten knitting status).
Since then, I have been knitting socks obsessively, but I have fit in a few of Stephanie’s other designs. Here is her darling Bow Peep Scarf.
And this little number is my personal favourite, the Mr Fox Stole.
Stephanie doesn’t know she is my muse. It amuses me to think she would be tickled.

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