Of Tragedy and Triumph

Of Tragedy and Triumph

Life can be complicated

Does this look confusing? It should. THIS is both a sock disaster and triumph of knitting engineering. It is also both a disaster of yarn stashing and a triumph.

The completed sock in the centre is just gorgeous. I made it from some sale Malabrigo merino wool. I had two skeins in the colour, so I happily knit up this sock. Then I had hubby hold out his hands to wind the second skein. It’s the one on the top left. Obviously NOT the same dye lot. Duh. In denial, I started knitting my second sock. That’s it on the left. Duh. Not the same colour, there’s no way around it. Can’t get the dye lot anywhere. Sad trombone.

That’s when the triumph comes in. See the work in progress on the right? look at me go! Know what I’m doing? I’m using up the limited yardage of the first skein, but striping in rows of the wrong colour and rows of a third colour my stash just happened to contain.

It’s working! It’s working!! Look how you can barely tell the difference.

Sometimes I frighten myself with my own genius.


6 thoughts on “Of Tragedy and Triumph

    • If they were for me, I’d be fine with two colours! But they are a gift, and being new at knitting, I’m super anxious when making something that will be in the hands of another to gasp… Inspect closely. * A-type personality much, Julie?*

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