Smitten and Stranded Socks!

It’s been a few years since I created this tutorial with detailed instructions on how to knit socks using a single tiny circular 9 inch needle.

I’ve made dozens of socks, but most miraculous use of these tiny needles is for stranded knitting. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to do stranded knitting on 5 double points!!  But it’s EASY on the Chia Goo 9 inch. Here is the pair I’m most proud of.


IMG_7182 (1)

These took me a rainy week in Jamaica to work out. The main leg pattern is a traditional Estonian stitch. Usually stranded knitting patterns for socks call for about 80 stitches around. That creates a sock that is far to loose for my taste. So, I charted my little heart out and created a custom pattern that yields a fabulous slim-fitting sock, 66 stitches around.

You can find the full pattern on Ravelry:–stranded-socks